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Refactoring in progress; DCL now supports only PHP5

I've begun refactoring DCL so the code is a little more organized with the goal that it will be easier to develop new features and maintain the existing ones.  This mainly involves moving existing code into somewhat of an MVC architecture.  It's not using any MVC framework and is still using the front controller.   I've removed all CreateObject references and replaced with good ol' new and __autoload.  Because of this and adding other new things like exceptions, DCL will now be PHP5 only.  This will save some of my sanity since I can now have some intellisense when developing.

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DCL Moved to Mercurial

After reading about the benefits of DVCS, I decided to make the move to Mercurial.  The repository was migrated today and the Subversion repository has been disabled.  You can find instructions for accessing DCL's repository here.

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0.9.5RC14 Posted

The current 0.9.5 RC has been posted for download.  You can get the file here.  Be sure to back up your database or test in a staging environment before committing to production.  Depending on what version you're currently running, the upgrade process will be pretty involved.

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Time Flies Like the Wind…

I didn't realize it had been so long since I posted an update. I have a new batch of functionality to begin work on, so I'm trying to tie up any loose ends with the current "RC" version.

  • Basic plug-in functionality has been added. I hesitated to do a few custom projects here at work because I didn't want to do the dual maintenance. I have created a basic plug-in framework that suited my needs - hopefully others will find some use in it, too. The only useful thing I can think of that it doesn't do yet is accept custom schema changes.
  • Build manager integration is being worked on and should be available for the full release. This was code that I've had for a while and hadn't released yet. It will allow you to set up releases for each product and record builds and SCCS changes against those builds.

As always, test the SVN version if you can and give me some feedback on it. After I take care of a few things, it's rolling out.

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0.9.5 Update

I have made some direction changes with the project recently. Most notably:

  • XOOPS support is being dropped
  • php/e/Axis:GroupWare support is being dropped
  • The notion of a separate public view of work orders is going away

DCL Demo is Up – Running 0.9.5RC2

I spent some time last night installing DCL on SourceForge since the 0.9.4.x version had database corruption. Contrary to my previous post from 6/21/2006, I found I could simply precompile all of my templates and turn off the compile check in Smarty.

I've seen a few permissions related issues in the demo that need to be addressed, but I think it should be working fine for the most part.

The demo instructions can be found here.

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DCL Source Code Now in SVN – Version 0.9.5RC2

I have switched version control systems from CVS to Subversion. I was getting a little frustrated with CVS, so it was time for something different.



We installed what was to be RC1 at work. Needless to say, it did have some rough edges and we have been working through those as time permits. I have a few enhancements to do to the new contact manager, but overall things are looking really good.

RC2 will probably be the first public release.

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Ugh – There Will Be No More Demo on Soon

Well, last night I decided I would attempt to install DCL 0.9.5 on the server alongside the existing demo. But I found that the installer kept failing because the inc/ directory was not writable. I tried changing permissions to no avail.


0.9.5 Progresses – Finally

I took a vacation from work and worked on DCL during the week. Apart from a few outstanding quirks, DCL is nearly ready for the first release candidate of 0.9.5.