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DCL Released

Yes, it's true. This release covers minor bug fixes for 0.9.4 and other pre-existing bugs. phpGroupWare/eGroupWare and XOOPS support have been fixed. Well, it works on my machine (tm). You can find instructions in the new DclWiki.


DCL VSS AddIn 0.1 Source Released

I've released the source for the VSS addin discussed on the June 6th, 2003 post. The original text:

I have been working on a Microsoft Visual SourceSafe addin for DCL. The addin allows you to authenticate to DCL whenever you open a VSS database from the VSS Explorer or from any IDE supporting VSS (such as Visual Studio).


DCL 0.9.4 Released

I've released 0.9.4 finally. The web based installer is included, and I did not remove the old SQL upgrade scripts as of yet. Backup your database before upgrading!!! I have tested the installer on all platforms, but this is essentially the first release of it. Backing up your database before the upgrade will protect you against any possible loss of data (and it's good practice regardless).


Update on 0.9.4

I'm very close to releasing 0.9.4 - I hope to release the new version by this weekend. I have a couple of items remaining:

  • Verify phpGroupWare installation
  • Verify XOOPS installation
  • Secure setup (if config.php is present)
  • Last pass through the system

I've reworked the htmlView class to be template driven. I also reached a limitation of the phpLib template class, so I had to rewrite search results to render and output as it goes. I'll probably look at other template engines in the future (like Smarty).

Anyway, feel free to test. The more people that hit this, the more solid it will be :)

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0.9.4 Status – Anyone want to test the new setup?

For the last few days, I've been grinding away at 0.9.4. Almost all the changes I have so far are checked into CVS. I haven't checked in the VSS AddIn yet, but the obvious priority is DCL.


Ping – Yep, Still Here

Since it's been a while since the last update, I just wanted to drop a note to say the project isn't dead :)

We have had a major release of one of our products under development - the release is just a couple of weeks away. After that, I intend to resume development of 0.9.4 and finally get it out into the world's hands.

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Development Update – Visual Source Safe Add-In Coming Soon

Work is still going on for 0.9.4. Tonight I completed the first cut of the web-based upgrade script for DCL (that will hopefully also be phpGW Setup compatible). I have also created a schema proc class for Sybase.


Update on 0.9.4

Good news! I currently have the web installer working for new installations. An important item to note here is that I am able to install DCL in Windows XP with IIS 5, PHP 4.3.1, and MSSQL2K and login right out of the box :)


MSSQL Issues and Update

MSSQL (and presumably Sybase) support is broken at the moment. This is due to my use of the native datetime data type in the latest scripts. So, I am currently working on resolving this by switching MSSQL and Sybase over to use native datetime data types throughout the system. This should be released by early next week.


DCL 0.9.3 has arrived!

Finally, 0.9.3 has been released. As stated in the release notes: Added Wiki support, new template set "blue", aggregate stats, work order type field, ability to select multiple accounts per work order, database sessions, user preferences. Fixes for PostgreSQL 7.3, Sybase, searches. Started XOOPS support. Replaced popup calendar with The Coolest DHTML Calendar. Lots of other bug fixes and small enhancements.


Update: I have updated the 0.9.3 package with fixed upgrade/install scripts.

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