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Goodbye RC, Hello Wiki

I've had "0.9.3" running at work for a while now. I have one outstanding issue to correct, but overall it looks pretty good. Everything is running great.

I also added sessions, preferences, and wiki support. The sessions have a configurable timeout in minutes (default 20). Preferences let the users choose their desired languauge, template, and email address.


Getting Closer

Getting closer to release now. I have checked in pretty much everything except for the enhancements to ticket searches for module and status type. Review the roadmap to see the items if you like.


Development Update

I'm working my way through multiple accounts currently. The account field in the workorders table has been replaced by a XREF table called dcl_wo_account. It is VERY worthy to note that this feature will not be available to MySQL until it supports subselects.

I also have been taking a break from that and got DCL displaying inside of XOOPS 2 RC3! If you don't know what XOOPS is, check out their website. The downer so far is that the drop down menus do not display properly. I will have to create an alternative for this to be of any use.

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More Template Goodness

Well, not really. But I have the older user interfaces operating within their own template set. This means that the HTML markup can finally be removed from commonHeader() and commonFooter(). The default template set will be the drop down menu (since it was the first in the list and some people never try the others).

Only cleanup left on it now is adding fully qualified web path to the configuration. I added one for the actual DCL web directory because of how the templates work. Framesets are generated if frameset.php exists in the template directory, so the directory context is different.

Anyway, I hope to clean it all up tonight and get it into CVS.

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Roadmap Updated

The roadmap has been updated with the latest development changes. You may notice I've added an item for Microsoft Project 2002 import/export. This is meant to flow like this:

  • Create project in MSP
  • Export to XML
  • Upload XML file to DCL
  • Import XML, creating specified projects, sub-projects, and work orders
  • Updates are made in DCL only
  • Export from DCL to XML file
  • XML file merged with MSP project

I haven't drilled down to exactly what is needed for merging other than it serves as an update. This will allow DCL to be used as a tool for updating a project in MSP without too much manual intervention.

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New Template in CVS

The new template set has been checked in to CVS. This is by no means the final implementation. It's partially unfinished and I need to take the old menus out into their own template code. If you like living on the edge, you can check out the latest from CVS:

$ cvs login
{ press enter for password }
$ cvs -z3 co -r dcl-20020215-branch dclgw

This version does not require any database changes from 0.9.2. All you need to do is go to Admin...System Setup...Configuration and change the template set to "blue" under Look and Feel. Keep in mind that this is global and that the "blue" set does not currently provide for changing to one of the previous interfaces.

The reason the original menus aren't converted yet is because a couple of them use frames, which the current framework doesn't support. Shouldn't be too difficult to get that in, though.

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Insert Into Roadmap…

Not only was 0.9.2 a surprise in the roadmap, but we'll be blessed with 0.9.3 as well. 0.9.3 will represent the final enhancements and bug fixes prior to work on 1.0. These include:

  • Rework UI for complete template generation
  • New template set as seen on the demo site.
  • Bug fixes for PostgreSQL 7.3.x syntax
  • Account detail view akin to product detail view
  • Ability to associate multiple accounts with a work order.
  • Finalize aggregate statistics.
  • Able to filter by projects for work order searches
  • Able to filter/display status type as a work order and ticket attribute

So, there's a bit of work there, but we'll get-r-done!

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Demo Site Updated

I finally updated the demo site. It was running 20020120 (!!!), but is now running 0.9.2 + new template set. As usual, DHTML and JavaScript are required to run it. Mozilla, Netscape 6+, IE5.5+, or Konqueror should support it nicely.

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Guess what? It’s 0.9.2!

Not on the roadmap, but I felt this was a good enhancement to release since it could eliminate a few clicks in your workflow. Changes as stated in the release notes: Added ability to reassign in time cards, track reassignments when done via time cards, and fixed PHP notices when uploading files.

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0.9.1 Is Out

This release adds special handling for MySQL's JOIN syntax that prevented a few things from working properly. Some small bug fixes if you have error reporting cranked on all the way are also included.

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