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MySQL Script Error in 20010923

Flavio Astorino pointed out a syntax error in the MySQL script for the latest release. The syntax error occurs at the end of the script for the install script. The upgrade script (20010916.sql) appears to be OK. All you need to do to fix the script is go to the end of the file and find the create table statement for dcl_status_type. Change the line

dcl_status_type_id number(11) not null primary key,


dcl_status_type_id int(11) not null primary key,

and you should be on your way! I didn't want to make a release just for replacing 6 characters with 3.

Alternatively, grab the updated file from here.

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Release 20010923 up for grabs!

I posted 20010923 this evening. This release is from the dclgw module in CVS, so it will work in either phpGroupWare or stand-alone environments. For instructions on setting up DCL in phpGW see the news post dated 8/8/2001 entitled "dclgw in CVS!". It contains instructions on how to set it up and goes over how DCL "plugs in" to phpGroupWare.

Download, install, be merry!

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What is this “Oracle” thing?

Well, I haven't had a chance to test it yet, but DDL and a db class for Oracle have been checked into the dclgw tree in CVS. The DDL was provided by Richard Hensley last month, and I finally had a few minutes to throw the class together. The main thing holding me up at the time was DCL's dependency on NumRows, which the Oracle client library does not support.


Updates in CVS

I have committed some changes to CVS tonight on the road to release. One major change is the ability to define directories for file storage in each domain. This also introduces a method that forces the browser to prompt the user to download the files instead of viewing them inline (useful for things like HTML or PHP files ;-) . I haven't tested the changes inside of phpGW yet - I expect the download portion to fail since it is in a similar situation as the images produced by the graphing classes.


Some News is Good News

Last night, I was able (within a matter of minutes :-) get the dclgw tree working in stand-alone and phpGroupWare with the same code. Essentially, all DCL does now is look for ../ to see if it is installed in a phpGroupWare environment. If not, it behaves as normal.

Of course, this means there is a major directory structure change. I need to take care of a few small bugs/enhancements and then I will be ready for a release. This version of DCL will be from the dclgw tree.

I have some major database work to do, but that will be for the next release. I will be migrating the schema_proc classes I wrote from phpGroupWare to DCL (if any migration is needed) and write a DCL setup app. I don't want to include the phpGroupWare version at this time since it is fairly dependent on their directory architecture and the phpGW API. I should, however, be able to work the setup directory in such a way that it will work in DCL and phpGroupWare.

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dclgw in CVS!

I finally got enough of the code cleaned up to check it in. There's still a few minor hiccups (like graphs don't work because I'm always building the phpgw navbar). However, it is functional enough to start using/testing. Here's what you'll need to do:

$ cd /path/to/phpgroupware
$ cvs login
Press enter for password
$ cvs -z3 co dclgw
$ mv dclgw dcl
$ cd dcl/inc
$ cp config.php.default config.php
Edit config.php as normal per docs/INSTALL.txt

Everything else should be set up as normal according to the docs/INSTALL.txt file. The database can be set up in phpGroupWare, but mind you there's no guarantee there won't be a table conflict at this time although recent versions of phpGW should be fine. Also note that DCL will make its own database connection at this time, even if it the DCL tables are in the phpGW database. This will be cured soon. Otherwise, if you find something amiss, just let me know and I'll take care of it.

The last thing you'll have to do is tell phpGroupWare about DCL.

  1. Login to phpGW as an administrator
  2. Go to the administration app
  3. Select Admin/Applications
  4. Click on the 'Add' button
  5. Enter dcl for the application name
  6. Enter Double Choco Latte for application title
  7. Click the 'Add' button to make phpGW aware of DCL
  8. Go to the administration app again
  9. Go to User Accounts
  10. Modify the users that you want to grant access to DCL

Of note: DCL will need a corresponding account for each phpGW user that will be using it. This is because DCL does not use the phpGW auth system. The passwords do not have to match, but the logins do. DCL will attempt to lookup the user by the phpGW login name in the DCL database. If found, DCL will load that user's profile and use it. Otherwise, the user will get a search screen and a message stating they are not logged in.

You can also use this with an existing DCL database if you choose by changing the config.php settings to point to the existing database.

One more thing: the port is using the drop down menus to conserve space, so you'll need NS4, NS6/Mozilla, or IE4+ to use this effectively.

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Development Update

So, I was sitting there yesterday contemplating several things I have lined up to do for several people. A quick list:


20010729 Released!

Promises, promises. 20010729 was released today. If you're upgrading, don't forget to run the SQL upgrade scripts ;-)

The documentation is unfinished (Getting Started guide), but is better than the outdated info that was there.

Next up is bug fixing (since this is a new release) followed by the ACL and configurable fields.

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Slight Delay – Blame the Docs!

Well, the possible release slipped by because I decided to "quickly" rewrite the getting started guide (the doc formerly known as Up and Running with Double Choco Latte). Once that is done, I can package everything up and release. That'll be this weekend more than likely.

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Possible Release Tonight

I've cleared up a few bugs last week and this week. I still have to do decoded storage of lookups in the checklists and update the documentation, but all else is pretty much ready.

Also, I have added a nested project view so projects can be shown with their children. This list can also be filtered by work order responsible and status. It does not show statistics like the detail view, but I feel it's handy nonetheless.

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