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XML? XSLT? GNUe? Python? Contact Management?

For the past week, I have been working on getting the accounts and contact management piece more correct. As those using it know, it was not extensible, didn't support i18n, and had a host of other issues I didn't care about. Along with this, tickets and work orders required the entry of contact information everytime, adding a possible degree of error and reducing the quality of information.

I have collaborated with Derek Neighbors from the GNUe project to create a schema for contacts usable by both of our projects. Hopefully phpGroupWare will buy off on it in the near future for their cdb application.

I have also created an XML based definition for DCL's DDL. I then use an XSLT for each SQL server to arrive at the proper DDL. This will mean much less maintenance on the SQL scripts, apart from the upgrades. The tools used in this procedure are: PythonSablotronPySablot, and Python Server Pages from the Webware toolkit.

That said, the next version will have a huuuuuuge upgrade script for the SQL and possibly will provide a web-based tool to help migrate contacts from accounts, tickets, and work orders to the contact tables. Of course, the option still exists that it can be done in SQL. There will be a good possibility of duplicates that need to be cleaned up as well due to spelling variations and such, but I'll make the best run of it I can. I have quite a bit of info to convert and preserve myself.

And one last little tidbit: Derek has been working on creating some GNUe forms for some of the DCL tables. This provides a client side GUI for maintaining the DCL supporting tables.

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