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e-Mail Gateway for Goodness!!!

Due to some long standing demands and recent interest in this feature, I am putting together a PERL script to process e-Mails sent to certain addresses. This will require setting the MTA to alias addresses sent to <product> to pipe to this PERL script. A Python version will also be made available in the near future ;-) The operational characteristics will be:

  1. Customer e-Mail is sent to <product>
  2. MTA intercepts message and pipes it to PERL script
  3. Script strips attachment and uses header and body info to create ticket. The product is assigned via the To: address (clever, eh?).
  4. Ticket is created
  5. e-Mail attachments are then attached to ticket
  6. Optional reply sent to customer automatically
  7. If customer replies to e-Mail and maintains subject formatting (specifically the ticket # reference), replies will be added as ticket resolutions.
  8. Any activity performed by techs can optionally be sent to customer.

I should have this gateway working by the end of the week and will include it in the stable branch, marking a good point for a release.

Work on the contact management progresses as well. I am currently getting work orders back into a usable state.

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