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e-Mail Gateway in CVS Stable

I have just committed the e-Mail gateway in the stable branch of CVS. Remember the current stable branch is:

$ cvs login
Press enter when prompted for password
$ cvs -z3 co -r dcl-20011107-stable dclgw

Look under the contrib/gateway directory for the PERL script. This script requires DBI, Mime::Parser, Mime::Base64, Mime::QuotedPrint, Net::SMTP, and File::Basename. You will have to ensure the proper installation of these modules. I will provide whatever support I can, but I am by no means a PERL guru. The script also needs to be cleaned up quite a bit, but it is usable.

As far as the configuration goes, you will need to set the %dcl_domain_info item at the beginning of the script. This should be equivalent to the DCL config.php settings.

For the configuration settings in DCL, the SMTP server setting is reused for sending out auto responses (if auto-response is enabled). The DCL file path for attachments is also used to move e-Mail attachments to the proper directories (in effect, attaching any files to the newly created tickets :-) . I have not finished the part that creates a ticket resolution if an e-Mail is replied to, but I don't think that will be difficult.

Also of note is that the user the script runs as (possibly your MTA daemon) will need read/write access to both the temporary storage for attachments *and* the DCL attachments directories. This is necessary to allow the attachments to be saved with the ticket (as if they were uploaded manually within DCL).

All in all, the gateway behaves as noted in the immediately preceding post, with the exception of item #7 and 8. E-Mail notification and watches still need to be implemented, along with a better e-Mail for the customer. Update: Notification and watches are now implemented!

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