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New Release 20011209

Well, got tired of sitting on this one, so I'm releasing 20011209. This has the e-mail gateway support, fixes the My Projects display, and some other bug fixes. Also included are some GNUe forms, though I'm not sure how current they are. They were contributed by Derek Neighbors, co-maintainer of theĀ GNUe Enterprise project.

Instructions for installing the e-mail gateway are in the INSTALL.* files in the doc subdirectory. If you find an error or would like to add additional sections or verbage, let me know.

Additionally, the stable branch is now tagged as dcl-20011209-stable. Please keep that in mind when snagging CVS stable code.

Update: A fatal bug crept into the config class at the last minute, so a new release has been posted as 20011210. The CVS tag is now dcl-20011210-stable.

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