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20020120 comes to town and demo update…

A new release is out and CVS now has the currect stable branch as dcl-20020120-stable. This release was mainly created to add the ability for users to watch account tickets and work orders, since this just became a requirement where I work. ;-)  The demo is now updated to this code as well :)

Changes as reported: Added ESMTP support to socket/SMTP classes, browsing for tickets and work orders, and ability to watch account tickets and work orders. Fixed PHP warning with undefined index DCLUI. Fixed problem with file attachment downloads on Windows servers by opening as binary.

Also, the socket class now has debugging support and will show writes and reads (prefixed with >>> and <<< respectively). If you need to debug an email problem and want to see what DCL is sending and receiving, just open the $dcl/inc/ file and set $this->oSocket->bDebug to true in the boSMTP() function.

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