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New Template in CVS

The new template set has been checked in to CVS. This is by no means the final implementation. It's partially unfinished and I need to take the old menus out into their own template code. If you like living on the edge, you can check out the latest from CVS:

$ cvs login
{ press enter for password }
$ cvs -z3 co -r dcl-20020215-branch dclgw

This version does not require any database changes from 0.9.2. All you need to do is go to Admin...System Setup...Configuration and change the template set to "blue" under Look and Feel. Keep in mind that this is global and that the "blue" set does not currently provide for changing to one of the previous interfaces.

The reason the original menus aren't converted yet is because a couple of them use frames, which the current framework doesn't support. Shouldn't be too difficult to get that in, though.

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