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Getting Closer

Getting closer to release now. I have checked in pretty much everything except for the enhancements to ticket searches for module and status type. Review the roadmap to see the items if you like.

I have multiple accounts working as far as I can tell. Again, it does NOT work in MySQL due to the lack of subselects. The accounts a work order is associated with are stored in a new table.

I also have added a work order type field. For example, a software development department may use "Bug", "Enhancement", or "Design Issue" as a set of types. The work order type field is propagated throughout the system (including searches, project filter/group, and aggregate stats).

I also replaced the calendar with The Coolest DHTML Calendar. This is a much nicer calendar. It requires a current standards compliant browser (as a lot of DCL does) to function. It does not work in Opera 7 as far as I can tell, but neither did the other one. Mozilla and IE should be fine.

This brings me to another note. I'm retiring support of NS4 and IE4. These two browsers are very outdated and it is difficult to support them when the W3C DOM is so much easier to work with. You'll find that some of the newer code uses DOM unconditionally, as well as more CSS usage. DCL still has quite a bit of work to be done in the CSS area, but it'll get there.

That said: XOOPS! I have a working menu that is pure CSS2/JavaScript, but alas - when I tested it, only Mozilla supported it. Konqueror and IE6 failed to show the menu items at all. I will see if there is a work around - if not, I'll just use a little more JavaScript to do the job. Otherwise, DCL works in XOOPS fine. It behaves the same as phpGroupWare, which means that if you have a matching account (by name) in DCL, it will pass you on through. I still have to create the admin hookup (whereby you have instant administrative access to DCL if you are a XOOPS admin). The styles are a little whack as well because of conflicts between XOOPS and DCL. Once DCL moves toward better CSS compliance, these issues should go away.

So, tomorrow I will do some more testing and make a final pass through the system. I will (for the first time) be creating a release candidate in case others want to test the new features. It should come out as 0.9.3-RC1, and barring too many bugs/issues, will be the only RC for 0.9.3.

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