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Goodbye RC, Hello Wiki

I've had "0.9.3" running at work for a while now. I have one outstanding issue to correct, but overall it looks pretty good. Everything is running great.

I also added sessions, preferences, and wiki support. The sessions have a configurable timeout in minutes (default 20). Preferences let the users choose their desired languauge, template, and email address.

Joe Jeskiewicz is to blame for getting wiki support in DCL. He snagged a Free Art licensed wiki class, modified it, and submitted his changes as a patch. The wiki is very basic compared to other full fledged wiki products, but this one is so simple to integrate that I'd rather use it now and improve upon it later. There is a "Main Wiki" which is global, and I added the ability to attach a wiki directly to products, projects, tickets, accounts, and work orders. The attached wikis know nothing of the other wikis and are in their own namespace.

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