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MSSQL Issues and Update

MSSQL (and presumably Sybase) support is broken at the moment. This is due to my use of the native datetime data type in the latest scripts. So, I am currently working on resolving this by switching MSSQL and Sybase over to use native datetime data types throughout the system. This should be released by early next week.

To help eliminate these issues from occurring in the future, I have been working on a web installer for DCL that uses a hacked version of the installer for XOOPS and the schema_proc classes I wrote for phpGroupWare back in the day. The schema_proc classes abstract the differences in handling schemas for different SQL servers. An added benefit is that phpGroupWare in turn will get updated database drivers and schema_proc classes that are more capable than today's versions.

I don't plan on having the web installer ready by the time I roll bug fixes for MSSQL/Sybase. It will probably end up as a 1.0 enhancement.

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