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Update on 0.9.4

Good news! I currently have the web installer working for new installations. An important item to note here is that I am able to install DCL in Windows XP with IIS 5, PHP 4.3.1, and MSSQL2K and login right out of the box :)

That said, it should just be a couple more days. I need to get the installer to recognize when it needs to do an upgrade (and possibly add authentication to it so it can't be accessed by just anyone).

This also marks the first time the schema has become centralized and all installations should be generated the same. There were subtle differences before (like the one that caused MSSQL and Sybase to break), but this should eliminate problems arising from that.

The code is all in CVS if you'd like to give it a spin. Do not use it for an existing installation yet, just for testing. After you get DCL setup in the web server for access, just point your browser to and follow the wizard.

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