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Development Update – Visual Source Safe Add-In Coming Soon

Work is still going on for 0.9.4. Tonight I completed the first cut of the web-based upgrade script for DCL (that will hopefully also be phpGW Setup compatible). I have also created a schema proc class for Sybase.

I have been working on a Microsoft Visual SourceSafe addin for DCL. The addin allows you to authenticate to DCL whenever you open a VSS database from the VSS Explorer or from any IDE supporting VSS (such as Visual Studio).

The purpose of the addin is to monitor adds and checkins to the VSS database and log those files against a work order or project. I currently have a ChangeLog action available for viewing changes logged, but a few other reports will be possible (such as reporting all changes within a project including any logged against work orders within the project).

A future planned enhancement is to allow submission of a time card at checkin :)

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