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DCL 0.9.4 Released

I've released 0.9.4 finally. The web based installer is included, and I did not remove the old SQL upgrade scripts as of yet. Backup your database before upgrading!!! I have tested the installer on all platforms, but this is essentially the first release of it. Backing up your database before the upgrade will protect you against any possible loss of data (and it's good practice regardless).

Please read INSTALL.txt or UPGRADE for information on getting started with this release. Be sure to remove the setup/ directory after you have finished installing or upgrading!

A couple more notes:

  • XOOPS verification did not go well at all. I'm putting it on hold (it wasn't finished anyway).
  • phpGroupWare verification also proved fatal since I couldn't verify it (CVS is down). I will probably need to refactor the login code for DCL to make it work (which is what XOOPS needs as well).
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