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I just wanted to post an update to our current development efforts. There are going to be some very nice things coming for DCL this year :)

Better SDLC Integration - We currently have several sub-projects underway that will provide:

  • Workflow Engine
  • Development process checklists
  • Enhancement tracking separate from work orders
  • Build Manager will integrate with the SCCS information captured in DCL to assist software librarians/builders in their task. This also could lead to automated build integration with DCL in the future.

Smarty Template Engine - Since we've removed PHP3 support and I think I just about pushed the phpLib derived DCLTemplate class as far as I want to, we'll be migrating over to theĀ Smarty Template Engine. I recently did a project at work and used this engine as the template set and I must say I am impressed. I thought it had a bit too much hype, but after using it I realize it will provide a much cleaner separation of presentation and data. Because of this, it will be easier to create completely different user interfaces in DCL without being constrained by the default implementation.

I have code for the Build Manager (submitted by Bryan Pointer) and that is being merged into DCL currently. Mike Van Til is working on providing the workflow engine and the enhancement process described above as a real-world implementation of the workflow engine.

Before anyone yells "feature creep" or whatever :) , I'd just like to say that DCL has always had features like this in the vision and scope of the project. You won't be forced to look at the options or use them - they'll be turned off by default and have to be enabled at your discression. DCL shouldn't be tied directly to software development processes, but it should be getting pretty darned good at it.

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