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Next Release Status

Overdue for another update. DCL is (still) in the middle of a major enhancement revolving around contact management. I have created pop-up dialogs for browsing/filtering/selecting contacts, organizations, and projects so far.

I have also started the actual public interface that will provide certain changes in behavior if a user is a member of a role with the public permission applied. This will involve forcing different views to only show publicly viewable information as opposed to all information. For example, a public user would only see public work orders that are submitted by them, are affiliated with an organization they are a member of, or it could just be all public work orders. Additionally, time cards can also be marked as public so you can enter time cards that contain private information that public users cannot see.

The conversion of the current contacts is going to be pretty hairy. Upgrades will initially be creating contacts from 3 sources: work orders, tickets, and personnel records. Organization population is easy since it is a direct conversion of the existing accounts table.

TheĀ Smarty Template Engine integration has been started as well. Currently the system runs with mixed engines, but all new development has been towards Smarty.

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