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0.9.5 Release Status

Things are starting to come together for the release. I have the RBAC implementation completely working, with the exception of item specific permissions. This will probably be a post-0.9.5 enhancement.

The contact management is still in need of the final touches to the maintenance screens. The popup dialogs I refer to in the previous post still need their own polish (like changing the initial filter based on add/update state).

The public part also needs wrapped up, but that is just a matter of going to specific classes and changing them to be aware of this restriction. I have done it with the product drop down in the ticket/work order form, so it's a matter of getting the filter everywhere it needs to be.

I also had a small setback in the development this weekend as we had an urgent need for some auditing at work. I finished that up this morning and installed it at work. I am now rolling that feature forward into 0.9.5, so it will now have auditing added to the release features. I only implemented it for tickets, work orders, and projects along with tracking work order/account associations and work order/project associations. These are tracked as Add/Delete events because they are cross reference tables. The whole record is the primary key, so it's impractical to track it as the actual records are themselves. After 0.9.5, I'll probably roll auditing into more of the tables.

One more thing: Do not use the CVS code! It is not fully working and represents a work in progress. It is (IMHO) better to have partially working code in CVS than losing the work I've done so far, so I'm trying to get code checked in whenever it makes sense (i.e., I have lots of changes).

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