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0.9.5 Release Status – Again

The next release had been going slow the last couple of weeks due to the paying job, so I didn't make my deadline of the end of September.

This release will probably see a hard coded public view of the data. I will reintroduce the metadata for tables and fields into the next version. This way, you'll be able to control what fields are viewable by the public restricted users. It's going to be a small amount of fields to start with, but you'll be able to open it up later.

Bryan Pointer continues work on the build manager. He has ported it to use the new security model in DCL. Hopefully others will be able to make some use of this and the ChangeLog feature to make change management a little more automated with DCL.

CVS is still unstable. Bryan says the setup program is not working for new installs, so I'll have to fix that and finish the upgrade code. The upgrade code is the most complex thus far, as it will convert the free form contact fields into normalized tables. So be ready: the cleaner your contact data is, the better the conversion will be. If you have spelling variations in the same contact, each variation will get a contact record. The contacts will be grouped by a numeric-only (non-numeric chars stripped) phone number and name.

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