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0.9.5 Update

I have made some direction changes with the project recently. Most notably:

  • XOOPS support is being dropped
  • php/e/Axis:GroupWare support is being dropped
  • The notion of a separate public view of work orders is going away

The reason I'm dropping the "integration" is that I simply do not have enough time to do the development of DCL and verify the functionality works within each of these environments. DCL is becoming quite large and I also do not believe that it is used in any of these environments very much at all.

I've had a few things come up at work that couldn't wait too long, so I have added a few new features to DCL:

  • Tagging support for tickets and work orders
  • Ability to reassign ticket, modify tags, or attach file from resolution form
  • Ability to add more organizations, modify tags, attach files, or move projects from time card form

These changes help provide better reporting and management, along with improving the workflow of performing certain functions.

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