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Time Flies Like the Wind…

I didn't realize it had been so long since I posted an update. I have a new batch of functionality to begin work on, so I'm trying to tie up any loose ends with the current "RC" version.

  • Basic plug-in functionality has been added. I hesitated to do a few custom projects here at work because I didn't want to do the dual maintenance. I have created a basic plug-in framework that suited my needs - hopefully others will find some use in it, too. The only useful thing I can think of that it doesn't do yet is accept custom schema changes.
  • Build manager integration is being worked on and should be available for the full release. This was code that I've had for a while and hadn't released yet. It will allow you to set up releases for each product and record builds and SCCS changes against those builds.

As always, test the SVN version if you can and give me some feedback on it. After I take care of a few things, it's rolling out.

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