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Progress Update

Probably time for an update, don'tcha think? I've been working on getting DCL back up and running, and I'm about 97% of the way there. I apologize for the delay, but this has been a complete rewrite. The database schema has not changed, so there are no worries about this upcoming release. Be advised, though, that I will have to change a few of the tables in order to accomodate some things that are missing, but needed. I will provide an upgrade path for those already running the older versions of the database, so don't worry about that!

A quick rundown of the work in progress: Users have a choice between a drop down menu (see screenshot from Aug 8 below) and a tree view in its own frame. These UIs both require JavaScript and DHTML, so a 4.x+ browser is required to use the system. I hate to leave out the lesser browsers (and I'll probably get support for them later), but no Open Source package exists to present the material in this manner. Anyway, I have worked to provide a consistent look and feel (if you will) to the system. It should be much more pleasing to the eye and more joyous for all to use.

All functionality is now object oriented. UI has been separated from business logic somewhat, and I have also created a base class for PostgreSQL server functions. What this means is that now it should be no problem to support any SQL server that PHP can get to in the future. I've had a couple of people write in and express intrest in MySQL, so this should provide a solid foundation for plug-n-play operation; no matter the SQL server.

I also have got entry forms for the supporting tables (accounts is in work). Viewing all records in these tables is also implemented.

I expect to release the next version by Monday, the 13th of September. Until then, the link from June 6 refers to the 19990625 snapshot, so help yourself!

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