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0.9.1 Is Out

This release adds special handling for MySQL's JOIN syntax that prevented a few things from working properly. Some small bug fixes if you have error reporting cranked on all the way are also included.

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0.9 Released

I have released 0.9 tonight minus the new template set. While the new set is functional, it is not yet complete enough for public consumption. Now that 0.9 is out, I can begin pushing template changes to CVS.

So, it looks like there will be a 0.9.1 before work begins on 1.0. This is to satisfy some requirements for my employer. Most of them are pretty decent enhancements, so everyone else can benefit from these changes as well. I'll try to get them documented on the roadmap so you can see what they are. Alternatively, you may login to the GNU Enterprise DCL Installation as guest/guest and peek at what's in store for 0.9.1.

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New UI Concept

It's getting to the point where the simplistic layout of DCL is getting to be a hinderance. Adding features requires more user interaction, and DCL lacks an intuitive interface.

So, I have mocked up a concept UI for DCL that should be a step in the right direction. Take a peek!

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DCL Roadmap Started

Another release of DCL is being prepared. As part of this work we have decided it is probably time to start using more official release numbers. We have started a very rough and high level roadmap. We will continue to refine it and massage it. You have find it here for now. Eventually it will be part of this site, just have to fix some permissions. ;)

This was originally posted by dneighbors.

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DCL 20020706 STABLE Is Out!

There is a new release of DCL mostly covering security patches and some minor bug fixes. It is HIGHLY suggested that you update.

  • Escaping of html in data displayed from entry to avoid exploits (Ticket #84)
  • Fixed maxlength property for short account name (SF Bug #548886)
  • Fix to prevent file download spoofing (Ticket #83)
  • File upload verification to prevent spoofing (Ticket #82)
  • Fix broken import CSV form so it reads multipart so can apply security patches to it.
  • Patch from Jason Cater: Sender header add to outgoing dcl mails to make easily identifiable for mail filtering
  • Changed entry widget maxlen to 10 to match db schema.
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Well, it's certainly been a while since I wrote something here. Since the merger, I have been put on a project at work that has a very tight deadline. This has caused me to become inactive in DCL development.


DCL Merges with GNU Enterprise

Well, this is a little over a week old, but really should be on the DCL page. DCL has become part of the GNU Enterprise metaproject. By virtue of this, DCL is also now an official part of GNU.

What does this mean for the DCL project? Currently, things are going to continue business as usual. We haven't worked out the logistics of merging sites and code yet, since DCL has built some brand recognition (of sorts). We definitely don't want to harm that ;-)

Read the Press Release.

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20020215 is out

I just released 20020215 in response to a bug about DCL not enforcing security levels within the actual functions, only through the menu (or links). Now, all protected functions *should* be checking for appropriate access. If the user doesn't have it, (s)he will get a Permission Denied page.


20020120 comes to town and demo update…

A new release is out and CVS now has the currect stable branch as dcl-20020120-stable. This release was mainly created to add the ability for users to watch account tickets and work orders, since this just became a requirement where I work. ;-)  The demo is now updated to this code as well :)

Changes as reported: Added ESMTP support to socket/SMTP classes, browsing for tickets and work orders, and ability to watch account tickets and work orders. Fixed PHP warning with undefined index DCLUI. Fixed problem with file attachment downloads on Windows servers by opening as binary.

Also, the socket class now has debugging support and will show writes and reads (prefixed with >>> and <<< respectively). If you need to debug an email problem and want to see what DCL is sending and receiving, just open the $dcl/inc/ file and set $this->oSocket->bDebug to true in the boSMTP() function.

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Dev Update

Just wanted to let everyone know that development on the head branch is coming along, although it's very tedious. Since the introduction of PHP 4.1.x and the recommendation to run with register_globals = Off, I have also rolled into the list of things TODO: make DCL run with register_globals = Off. register_track_vars will still have to be on, but now DCL will know where it should be getting the data from so there is a less chance of exploit.

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