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20011215 Hits The Streets!

20011215 is now out with miscellaneous bug fixes to DCL and e-mail gateway. E-Mail gateway now will process replies to ticket e-mails and append ticket resolutions, including file attachments.

Release is tagged dcl-20011215-stable in CVS.

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Another Release Coming

I'm getting ready to make another release, but it really only covers bug fixes and enhancements to the e-mail gateway.

  • Missing semicolon on line 158 IIRC
  • Add config item for default account
  • Add ability to log replies as ticket resolutions
  • Add default logged by for replies

Another fix, perhaps, is that I committed a change to CVS stable last night to hopefully take care of the "Could not verify session" issue that some are experiencing with IE. It is a questionable fix, but I worked with someone that had this issue in IRC previously and this allowed most (if not all) of the problem machines to login.

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New Release 20011209

Well, got tired of sitting on this one, so I'm releasing 20011209. This has the e-mail gateway support, fixes the My Projects display, and some other bug fixes. Also included are some GNUe forms, though I'm not sure how current they are. They were contributed by Derek Neighbors, co-maintainer of theĀ GNUe Enterprise project.


e-Mail Gateway in CVS Stable

I have just committed the e-Mail gateway in the stable branch of CVS. Remember the current stable branch is:

$ cvs login
Press enter when prompted for password
$ cvs -z3 co -r dcl-20011107-stable dclgw


e-Mail Gateway for Goodness!!!

Due to some long standing demands and recent interest in this feature, I am putting together a PERL script to process e-Mails sent to certain addresses. This will require setting the MTA to alias addresses sent to <product> to pipe to this PERL script. A Python version will also be made available in the near future ;-)



The code in HEAD is now able to configure a DCL installation from scratch. I am currently working on getting work order submissions working again.

I believe I am going to create a release of the stable branch as well so some of the support and duplicate bugs will stop for things I've already fixed ;-)

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CVS HEAD is VERY broken now!

Just wanted to let everyone know that CVS HEAD is very, very, very broken. I have checked in the changes for the newer architecture and contact management. The database classes now share one core class - db_core. This obviously cuts down on maintenance a little since db_core is about 452 lines of code (including new database class functionality).

So, use the stable branch as described below if you want to get a working copy from CVS. I will also be committing bug fixes, etc. to this branch so releases can be made without worrying about how much has changed in HEAD.

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CVS Info

Due to a couple bugs, a need to due a maintenance release, and my dev copy is very broken due to architecture changes - I have created a new branch on the dclgw tree. The tag name is dcl-20011107-stable and can be accessed as:

$ cvs -z3 co -r dcl-20011107-stable dclgw

This is after performing the cvs login of course ;-)

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Development Update

Just wanted to give a quick update on development. I have abstracted the add/modify/delete operations for tables into the database drivers. This means that most of the db classes now only contain definitions of the table structure (field names and neutral types like text, auto, numeric).


0.9 Is Coming Soon

I have checked in some major enhancements to the project management and introduced product modules. Product modules allow you to optionally break a product down into more granular components. For example, a project like DCL may have modules for work orders, tickets, projects, administration, security, etc. If a product has modules, the user will be forced to select one. If a product doesn't have any, the field is ignored.

The project detail will now allow you to perform grouping, multiple selection of work orders for assign, time cards, and details. You can also input work orders from the project detail. All of these options should return you to the project detail directly. UI flow hasn't been one of DCL's strong points, but it is improving.

I have also moved theĀ roadmap to the DCL website.

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