Double Choco Latte is a GNU Enterprise package that provides basic project management capabilities, time tracking on tasks, call tracking, email notifications, online documents, statistical reports, a report engine, and more features are either working or being developed/planned. It can be displayed inside of a phpGroupWare installation or be used stand-alone. It is licensed under the GPL (GNU Public License), which means it is free to study, distribute, modify, and use.

Time Flies Like the Wind... January 28, 2008 14:04:06
Posted By: mdean
I didn't realize it had been so long since I posted an update. I have a new batch of functionality to begin work on, so I'm trying to tie up any loose ends with the current "RC" version.
  • Basic plug-in functionality has been added. I hesitated to do a few custom projects here at work because I didn't want to do the dual maintenance. I have created a basic plug-in framework that suited my needs - hopefully others will find some use in it, too. The only useful thing I can think of that it doesn't do yet is accept custom schema changes.
  • Build manager integration is being worked on and should be available for the full release. This was code that I've had for a while and hadn't released yet. It will allow you to set up releases for each product and record builds and SCCS changes against those builds.
As always, test the SVN version if you can and give me some feedback on it. After I take care of a few things, it's rolling out.
0.9.5 Update January 07, 2007 15:22:50
Posted By: mdean
I have made some direction changes with the project recently. Most notably:
  • XOOPS support is being dropped
  • php/e/Axis:GroupWare support is being dropped
  • The notion of a separate public view of work orders is going away
The reason I'm dropping the "integration" is that I simply do not have enough time to do the development of DCL and verify the functionality works within each of these environments. DCL is becoming quite large and I also do not believe that it is used in any of these environments very much at all.

I've had a few things come up at work that couldn't wait too long, so I have added a few new features to DCL:
  • Tagging support for tickets and work orders
  • Ability to reassign ticket, modify tags, or attach file from resolution form
  • Ability to add more organizations, modify tags, attach files, or move projects from time card form
These changes help provide better reporting and management, along with improving the workflow of performing certain functions.
DCL Demo is Up - Running 0.9.5RC2 November 30, 2006 06:42:35
Posted By: mdean
I spent some time last night installing DCL on SourceForge since the 0.9.4.x version had database corruption. Contrary to my previous post from 6/21/2006, I found I could simply precompile all of my templates and turn off the compile check in Smarty.

I've seen a few permissions related issues in the demo that need to be addressed, but I think it should be working fine for the most part.

The demo instructions can be found here.
DCL Source Code Now in SVN - Version 0.9.5RC2 November 29, 2006 16:09:46
Posted By: mdean
I have switched version control systems from CVS to Subversion. I was getting a little frustrated with CVS, so it was time for something different.

0.9.5RC2 is currently all checked in if you would like to give it a spin. You can follow the instructions on this page to get the code. As noted, you should add /trunk to the URL to only pull the latest code (that's all there is anyway, but in case I start tagging/branching, this'll keep it safe).

svn co dcl

I have introduced tasks to work orders. These are simple one line items that can be entered and checked off. We needed this at work for breaking a work order up into a checklist of items that needed to be accomplished. Think of it as a ToDo list for the work order.

I really shouldn't be calling this a RC, despite the fact we are running it at work. I do have a couple of outstanding issues to correct with public users, but it is usable.

If you do decide to give this a spin, backup your existing database before you run the upgrade. The 0.9.5RC1 upgrade alone is monstrous. It took about 1 hour to complete at work. For reference, we have over 40,000 work orders and over 300,000 tickets. That generated a lot of contact records at over 110,000.

Feedback is welcomed and appreciated from anyone that runs the new version. I would like to get the final release out once I've got any relevant bugs and role-based security issues cleared up.
0.9.5RC2 October 04, 2006 12:35:56
Posted By: mdean
We installed what was to be RC1 at work. Needless to say, it did have some rough edges and we have been working through those as time permits. I have a few enhancements to do to the new contact manager, but overall things are looking really good.

RC2 will probably be the first public release.

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