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Double Choco Latte
This is the current roadmap for Double Choco Latte. The section highlighted in grey is where current development is focused.
  • add version numbers
    • even for stable, odd for development, with trivial stable features and bugfixes optionally backported to stable. in the spirit of the Linux kernel.
  • 0.9.0 first official release, snapshot
    • release the current contents of the DCL stable CVS tree.
    • Product module support (mdean)  [Complete]
    • Hot URL link login (mdean)  [Complete]
    • SF Patch: [ 582083 ] Ticket watches incorrectly show work order By: Simon Lieschke (slieschke)  [Complete]
    • Bug Fix Change short desc MAXLENGTH to 20 to match the data type (dneighbo)
    • Bug FixMAXLENGTH to 10 to match the field for short department (dneighbo)  [Complete]
    • SF Patch: [ 583595 ] Documentation Index Page By: Evelyn Mitchell (efm)  [Complete]
    • Rework of project detail display (mdean)  [Complete]
    • Bug fix watches (mdean)  [Complete]
    • Ability to group by a field in PrintArrayAsChocoTable (mdean)  [Complete]
    • Bug fix hidden form vars being escaped (mdean)  [Complete]
    • Batch operation for project tasks (mdean)  [Complete]
    • Move notification emails to templates (mdean)  [Complete]
  • 0.9.1 Development Release
    • Critical bugs.  [Complete]
  • 0.9.2 Development Release
    • Reassign work order when submitting time card.  [Complete]
    • Track reassignment of work order with time card (when reassigned via time card).  [Complete]
    • Fixed PHP notices when uploading file attachments.  [Complete]
  • 0.9.3 Development Release
    • Rework UI for complete template generation (mdean)  [Complete]
    • Release new template set "blue" (mdean)  [Complete]
    • Bug fixes for PostgreSQL 7.3.x limit/offset clause (mdean)  [Complete]
    • Put in work around to eliminate need for register_globals = On in php.ini (mdean)  [Complete]
    • Account detail view similar to product detail view (mdean)  [Complete]
    • Ability to associate multiple accounts with a work order (mdean)  [Complete]
    • Aggregate statistics (mdean)  [Complete]
    • Able to filter by project for work order searches (mdean)  [Complete]
    • Able to filter by product module for work order searches (mdean)  [Complete]
    • Able to filter by product module for ticket searches (mdean)
    • Able to filter/display status type as a work order and ticket attribute (mdean)
    • Basic import/export for Microsoft Project 2002 (mdean)  [On Hold]
  • 1.0.0 Stable Release
  • 1.2.0 Stable Release
    • external client management
      • mini-ACL on the 'accounts' feature, as a stopgap until a full ACL model
      • clients can log into their own support portal on the service provider's web site, and due to the mini-ACL, they can view and optionally manage their own account (projects, etc)
    • RPC (probably GNU RPC)
    • Assess at least preliminary integration with phpgwapi as directed by the AxisGroupware Engineering Whiteboard
  • Post 1.2.x
    • fundamental integration with GNUe
    • in some way, at least socially, facilitate integrating AxisGW with GNUe, in whatever form AxisGW may be by then
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