This is a list of companies and projects that use DCL. If you'd like to add your company/project to this list, click here.
Philippe RIOUphilippe.riou at
We use DCL to manage the work of 22 persons on an internal project (22 users and a generic user "guest" to create tickets). DCL is reliable, simple to use, well designed, it offers advanced functionalities and possibilities of customisation. We have been using it for 4 months and it completely meets our needs. DCL has really helped us to improve our efficiency. Thank you for that great product.
Astrolabe Group
Stoffel Besterstoffelb at
Good solid product, installs and integrate easily with Linux.Keep track of all support calls and projects from engineering to development.
Brain Murmurs, Incorporated
Daniel Pascodan at
We use DCL with Apache and Irix on an aging SGI O2 and it works great! The product has already proven very useful and we've been using it for less than a week. Thanks so much!
BT Openworld Content Studio
Tim Gregorytim.gregory at
We about to roll out DCL to a team of designers and coders to handle bug reports and daily work order management on the portals we manage. We are also hoping to replace our current time-sheet system with DCL's timecard reporting.
Code 42 Software (
Mitch Coopetmitch.coopet at
Just wanted to tell you that we have installed DCL for our task/time management tool and love it. We are primarily an enterprise java development house but have been unable to find an easy to use, opensource/gpl tool such as DCL in the java space. Thank you for your work!
Dallas Airmotive
Jorge Adrian Salaicesasalaices at
I am starting to use it to keep track of project that are assigned to all of the Techs and My Programmers. It has Great Functionality and it is very Easy to use.
Embarcadero Publishing Company
Frank A. Bravofabravo at
I have a staff of three who are responsible for several web sites and hardware/software support of our five physical sites. I looked for a long time to find a 100 percent web-based solution that would do what we needed and DCL is just that. We have started to use it to track items called into our makeshift call center and it has performed great! Each of us can track problems and give insight into issues. It is all right there and accessible from anywhere! There are features we would never use, but its customization allows for use to just use those parts we need. While I am still learning the technologies behind it, I am very pleased to have found it — DCL itself is VERY easy to configure and use.
Groupe Laurent
Damien Chambedamien.chambe at
We use DCL to manage our developpement project and to produce monthly reports to our department director. Great product !
ISO 90001:2000 Registration
Darryl VanDorpthemaniac at
DCL is used in our company to track project work related to our Quality System Registration. For example a work order is submitted to create documentation; or to track the progress of the creation of a new training program etc. DCL was/is very helpfull in providing very granular detail of project implementation and maintains very detailed history.
Kelley & Ryan Assoc.
Sasha Yablonovskysasha at
My company uses DCL to assign projects/tasks, send tickets to software engineers/developers, and log incoming calls to my department. It is easy to use and very convenient for keeping track of progress of different departments.
Alistair Hopkins
We've been using DCL for about a year to manage bugs, development, and releases for our website and now wonder how we coped without it.
Neobyte Solutions
Adrian Ghearagheara at
We are a company of custom software development. We use it internaly to keep track of our projects and assignments. We have some ideeas on how it can be improved, and we might support the project in the future.
nTier Software Services
Yogan Naidooynaidoo at
We are in the process of implementing DCL for our client who requires internal automation of his manual processes, with the intention of obtaining ISO certification.We have used DCL with other basic workflow, procurement and asset management programs. We are very impressed with DCL and have adopted it for our own procurement and client issue tracking. Thank you DCL team for the great effort!
R3S Retail Software Solutions and Services
Eduardo Lempelemp at
Used for team work management, it helps to follow the Gantt chart progress and to add all possible events related to work orders. Very usefull when making project progress reports to the CEO.
Michael Deanmdean at
This is the itch that needed scratching. Currently, DCL is being used in the call center for customer call tracking, development for tracking bugs and feature requests, hardware/networking for tracking maintenance issues, and QA for test cycle issues.
SecuraServ (NZ) ltd
Martin Ponsfordmartin.ponsford at
We needed a flexible, but easy to use trouble ticket system for our technical division. After much searching and testing, DCL came up with the goods. Of all the helpdesk software available, DCL is the most cost effective tool available. I would advise any company who requires such a tool to look at DCL and "run with it".
The MathWorks UK
Tom Yatestyates at
We allow certain external users of MATLAB to report issues with custom products. DCL lets them report issues over the web, it lets us assign issues to engineers and track unresolved issues easily. It's great.
University of Maine System Network
Michael Cyrmcyr at
We have been using DCL for almost two years. We use DCL primarily for the call/ticket tracking functionality and we like it a lot. It's simple, reliable and best of all, the price is right! Thanks!
Derek Neighborsderek at
We use DCL to manage all of our projects and trouble tickets for all our marketing and web development for It has sped up development considerably as management and the programming team are now both more accountable to what is going on in the projects.
Matt Garnermattg at
We use DCL as our support ticket management system, our order fulfillment system. It worked wonders for our support staff as they were using millions of PostIt notes and legal pads. We've integrated an automatic support email handling system which automatically receives support mail, assigns the issue a ticket number, notifies the user, redirects to the appropriate staff based on keywords, and automatically tracks all correspondence in between! DCL is a life saver!
Agnitia Solucoes Ltda.
Rodrigo Malararodrigo at
We started using DCL some months ago. By far this is the most professional issue tracking and work order software tested by us before choosing one. We manage 3 products and DCL control the efforts of 2 full time developers.
Bangstate, inc
Philip Antoniadesphilip at
DCL replaced our old system of bugzilla and onshore timesheet, and we're very happy with it. It makes good use of the OO in PHP4 and works great with MySQL.
Bryan D. Ramey & Associates, P.A.
David Nalleydavidnalley at
We currently use DCL for bug and call tracking and project management for the IT department
Clerk Of Court
Tonytony.gentry at
I use DCL for all my support needs and project managment. This is one Awesome piece of software. So simple and yet advanced.
Conquer Corporation
Walter Landmanwlandman at
We use it for managing our internal projects, the work that people outsource to us, and we handle other office matters. DCL offers plently of customization that fits 99% of our needs.
DelJak Software and Development
Jeff Pylypowjpylypow at
We use DCL to manage our internal projects and found that it works great!
G-Nesis Informática
Mariano Ronchimronchi at
We are currently using this for various projects and to manage our people tasks and is working great!
InfoTecna s.r.l.
Denis Sbragiond.sbragion at
Used as a project management and ticketing system for our ISO9000:2000 quality certification.
IT helpdesk Tracking /Rutgers University
Ashe Huseinashe at
Excellent app. provides us with all the features for managing our day to day it activies.
Lufthansa Systems Berlin
Herbert Mollienherbert.mollien at
We use it mainly for bug-tracking purposes in a software development project.
National Community Services, Inc.
Jason Caterjason at
Our IT department has switched from yellow stickies on the side of our monitors to this excellent ticket/project management system. I can now print out reports on practically any aspect of our support/development -- even reports that are useful for management whom has no clue what a "trouble ticket" is to begin with. The beauty of this system is in its simplicity: Complex enough to do what you need... simple enough to be useful.
Network Operations, Lake Forest College
Nicholas Ritterritter at
We have been using DCL for more and more of our Network Operations and student support services. DCL is easy to use, setup, and integrate. We use it in combination with a home grown network registration/monitoring system.
Manuel Guesdonmguesdon at
We use DCL for handling customers requests/orders/bug reports, internal requests/projects/TODO things. We've installed it 9 monthes ago and it became our most used tools !
Redwire Design Ltd (
Justin Finkelsteinjustin at
We use DCL in preference to other PMS to manage all of our large and small-scale projects. We've found that with a little tweaking, the benefits of using this system are enourmous.
RUBIX Information Technologies, Inc.
Renny Koshyrenny.koshy at
We were on the search for an easy to use, easy to configure problem reporting & feature request system. Of all the programs that we've looked at, I've liked DCL the best. There were some program with slightly "nicer" UI's *but ONLY for Micro$oft Windoze* -- which made them rather unattractive. The fact that it was an opensource development project made it even more desirable. Great Product
Manish Jhawarmanish at
We have just started out with Double Choco Latte (DCL) and are very pleased to find that almost eveything that we needed is already present. Even some things that we had not thought about but are very nice to have are available in DCL. Thank you for such a nice gift.
UnifiedTek Corporation
Doug Bohldbohl at
We use DCL for internal project and task management, as well as to track all work against client accounts. We establish a "dummy" user for each client, giving the client contact as the email address. We then set a watch on the client account for the "dummy" user. In this way our clients receive timely emails of all account activity - keeping them up to date with no additional effort on our part. This has proven a very valuable customer relations tool!
University of Minnesota, Cancer Center
Josh Fehrmannjaf at
We've used DCL for our IT help desk for about 4 years and we found it very beneficial. Use expanded to our Biostatistics core for them to track workload and we are looking to expand it to other groups inside of the U of MN Cancer Center as well.
Dan Bethedan_bethe at
I use it at home for managing my household of various renters and my basic life, and I've used it at various companies I've been at, to replace basic use of Microsoft Project. It's an essential groupware component, wrapped up in a nice SSL-protected web page.
XtremeX Corporation
Darnel Hunterdarnel.hunter at
We use DCL for our customer base. We use it to track customer support issues with orders, sales, and technical support. Very good I give this program A+, very well implemented.
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